How to set up Google AdSense Account For Youtube 2016

Channel to channel for me to get paid for my videos there are three things that I need to do I need to monetize my videos I need to verify my account and 3 I need to activate AdSense after that I can get paid I also show you how to check your AdSense account just in case you're curious about how much you make what you want to do is go to the new manager and as you can see in public but there is no money today so I have explained here now if you want to monetize your videos so you actually get to go to channel his right heel on your left hand side bar click on that your account has to be in good standing if you just I'll just be doing YouTube videos so here it says monetization my account now it is advisable of course to say the most important thing here is of course the fact that you need to make sure that all of your videos PlayStation you want to make sure that monetize without his check so if it is like this it means that your video is not one time. Check again make sure you leave the last and skippable video last checked as it is and don't worry about 20 minutes and I'll just leave it as it is and yet Help me to verify that verify account select countries so I'm going to text me because that's where I am at the moment next to here text me the right occasion code going to have my telephone number in here now okay I'm so fat I'm going to get a code sent to me in a minute hopefully okay now I'm going to ask this verification code to this area so congratulations your YouTube account is not verified the next thing that we need to do there's one more thing that we need to do which is to activate AdSense account today 3 steps right dressing was to monetize videos with L that second thing is to verify account with them that check that thing is to activate absence account that's about all this but I think I'm next so I have brought you an email address for my YouTube channel for depends on you okay so whatever image you want to create a new account 2 a new email account and clear create or use another account but in my case I'm going to look like on PS this is just the way that account content language English to say yes that's it guys now my video is completely voluntary and it has been link to access so I can actually get paid for the concert that I post on my German YouTube channel You want to check your balance at the end of the month to see how much you made this is how you can check the type of sentence in the search area and then click on Google AdSense and here you can check your finalize their names and this part is where it shows you what you got him on the phone now the way it works when is on the 12th of every month Google send me anything you tell him Lots of tips on how to YouTube website
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