Everyone very simple to do what you want to do is start from single-player go to an invite only session online and you're going to be able to make a 4 plus a million dollars an hour very nice very simple everyone is aware that it works on Xbox 360 there was some people questioning whether or not it works on PlayStation 3 so I put it to the test and it does indeed work I'm going to show you how to do it if you're not aware all you do is go to the internet go to Southern San Andreas super scroll all the way to the bottom and you want to purchase the Pegassi bati 801 motorcycle Towing 15 gram and trust me God is going to be a very nice investment what you want to do is just go ahead and buy it doesn't matter what paint you that you also have to have an apartment online with a girl I just left work so if you don't have one go ahead and take it out of the bike will be delivered to your garage just like it is here and next thing you want to do is go straight to Los Santos customs and you want to up upgrade everything as humanly possible on this motorcycle and you typically want to pick the most expensive items to upgrade it to and when you're doing this of course do not insult the phone that will mess the glitch up and it's not going to work that is very important you can do whatever else you want with the money that you have just upgraded but everything that you want on there I'm going to go ahead and cut it here I just ended up doing that now that you're back out if you want to leave the online session once you leave the garage and put you back on the motorcycle outside of the garage and go straight back to single player mode and not one single player mode when it loads all you do is quit and go right back there on Wednesday and the purpose of this is so that it's going to spawn you back online with the motorcycle in your garage at your apartment it's just a nice way to get back there real fast as you can tell there it is and after this what you want to do if you want to get back on the bike as you can tell it's already upgraded and everything just the way I responded here jump on the bike heading right back down to Los Santos customs here we are pulling down right here and I'll right now that we're here all we want to do that sell this thing and I can tell you can sell it for 22 and a half and now this is very important guys and I did it kind of slow right here when you sell it immediately Press Start left on the d-pad and go straight to the PlayStation store or whatever it is on Xbox Marketplace whatever the PlayStation Store was actually down when I was just list that's perfectly fine all you want is for it to good use out of it online and just into the store or to get that menu like I said it's me back here I am right outside Los Santos customs I have to buy it I have the money and this is pretty much a repeating glitch you can do it over and over as many times as you want a very nice way to make a lot of cash fast on GTA online I thought this was very nice so I'm going to show it to you a couple of more times just showing you that it does work indeed on the PlayStation 3 also on 360 so if you guys are new to this let's go ahead and try it out and let me know how it's been working out for you as you can tell already have a 135 gram putting that in my bank account at what I'm going to show here is that it can sometimes be bugging you if you're not quick enough to go right here you're going to see if it suits me back outside Los Santos customs before it boots me to the PlayStation store and of course that means that the bike is sold so I didn't really get you know too much from it I got 235 Grand and a total of maybe less than 5 minutes tops but if that happens we got to do is pull up the phone and go buy another bike or you can also do it with a fan but this is pretty much the simplest way to do it and like I said if it thank you out and you do indeed sell the vehicle no worries just get back on the Internet by another one and repeat from step one so I hope you guys enjoy and let me know how it works out for you and until next time Guys Pizza


can u save in computer drive ( d ) can u open my filsecopy all filse can u click move copyready can u play online thank you for watch u can online :D can u click F9 click sittingchange nameclick server browser have all server

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