Come to know the type of food we could eat even beyond the deadline,

For example, you find a box crackers in your cupboard but it is beyond the due date. Are you going to eat it? In some cases, the expiration date, the main indicators on food safety. The deadline is not always an accurate representation of the quality of life of foods. Here are some foods that can be eaten, whether expired or deadline:

# 1. food cans

Most of mhoubkambong expiration date is valid for three years and put the time it was made, but you can use up to four years from the deadline, a total equivalent to seven years. Make sure you keep mhoubkambong cool, dry and dark place. But if the scar ebullient rust or leak it is time to discard.

# 2. Cheese (Cheese)

Cheese is safe to eat and not eat bad, although expired. If it was smeared on the outside, you just cut it out and use the interior them. Therefore, do not dispose of cheese.

# 3. Cereals (Cereal)

Although grain can begin to smell or lose sad grain can have a quality of life beyond the printed expiration date. Like many other foods if it is stored properly in a cool, dry place, the grains may have a further 6 months after the date beyond that.
# 4. bread

It may look beautiful, but which have expiration dates can be eaten safely even have some mold on it. You can rip or cut off the fungus, and can eat the bread that was left. If the bread smells sour or spoil, you shall not eat it. You can extend the life of bread kept in the fridge, it can be fed up to two weeks.

# 5. egg

According to the report of the Food Science shows that eggs can last from 3 to 5 weeks. But it must be kept at temperatures below 5 degrees Celsius, which helps prevent the growth of viruses. Here's a trick to check whether a tricky egg quality without knocking break.

@ First place the eggs in a bowl of water. If it sinks, it does not matter what to eat if it floats, throw it in the trash.

# 6. Yogurt or yogurt

Yogurt eating spoiled and sometimes easier than eating yogurt, which has yet to open. Yogurt usually lasts one to two weeks in addition to the expiration date. But this situation only applies to plain yogurt or yogurt, canned fruit, not yogurt dessert or egg mix. If yogurt, fungal or smell spoiled, you need to throw it away immediately.

# 7. chocolate

Have you ever seen a thin white chocolate on the old? Do not be mistaken, it's not a fungus. It is called "chocolate bloom" is a fat or sugar, and it is not harmful when eaten. For those who ate small sips without fear that a piece of chocolate can have 1 - 2 years, well depending on the type of chocolate.
# 8. Dry food (rice, noodles, coffee, etc., etc.)

Dry product that is not easily spoil. You can get it even expired. Dry food generally have a maturity of 2 years, but it can be stored for up to 3 years. Good idea, you should store them in metal or glass containers sealed from the air and dry.
# 9. Cake (cake, cookies, crackers, potato panels etc.)

These cakes can be fragile and lose some flavor, but it does not smell bad, it can eat safely. If you tear the package cake cake eating again and they will be okay for the next few weeks, but if you do not tear it, it can save 2 to 3 months.

10. Frozen foods

Freezing temperatures, ice can cause no problems, so that is generally safe to eat despite impaired. Generally, it can be used during the 2 months after the deadline. But if you put food on their own (...) be sure not to leave more than 2 months.

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