Beautiful young Khmer girl is famous in facebook good technique helps toned short

 Every girls dream that they will look and Muslims should be unsaleable because slim is very attractive and have the confidence to wear any kind of fashion.

Also today Jek Loy will introduce fans to meet a beautiful young girl she would break sharing, as well as how to maintain the shape and belly still pretty slim.

Meet Miss Leak, 22, a model who received strong support today with her glamorous looks.

For September, shared the best practices in some jek loy said: "For me, exercise is really important that can help me beautiful and more attractive. In fact, I am not fat ok much just wanted to slim extra and unwanted belly because it's difficult when wearing leggings shape. Every day I always spend time exercising and there is some way in helping to maintain the shape of mine to stay clean without having to go without food and more. And particularly little while later, there are also, most often ask, and would like to know techniques to keep the look clean through the social network Facebook, too."
For September Leak told Jek Loy how beauty belly shape and they are:

How to care for the look:

September subscription Leak said, "keeping in shape to Muslim beauty is very difficult if we do not try herself to be good, that is, will be the women who are obese and efficient. For women, we are the point seductive appearance once if no waist, no small thin as they Who turning, looking at us? Most people are likes to look at a woman is slim, clean with a waist thin lovely balance. For me personally, not an expert stay fit anything well just have a way of good distributed to the brothers who want toned. And every day I eat normally without starving 3 then just eating quietly only because if we starve, it will make our body decline not strong and weak. And sometimes, if I'm hungry is always fruit brew played better take your fat or sugar brew. Especially, I always drink as much because in qualifying, we need water to help eliminate toxins and can help you fill level as well. "

Ways to lose belly fat:

Miss conditions Jek Loy said previously her belly big ugly bulges that are physically small but big belly sprout best. Meanwhile, she is upset not know what kind of handle can flat belly, so she began to exercise to lose belly video network YouTube. At the beginning it was not easy because her strong abdominal muscles, such as stone throwing belly anyway. But from day one, she always tried all kinds of exercises related to flat belly.

About 3 months later, her belly varies from show flat belly is to be unsaleable. Especially, she added that conditions for her evening best time for activity and exercise for at least an hour every day. The way to lose most of her belly, she likes to sleep on the ground and recovered by straining abdominal muscles, not straining its forces, and try to apply it as many times as possible.

Training programs extend the hip:

She has also penetrated the same techniques to help cover a growing body suited well because it is a point to help women look beautiful and very sexy.

"Actually, I'm a thin thin and shaped equally literally looks like ceramics do not know, like men. So the only exercise, which can help me, so I always take time to some interns hip huge proliferation as female other. The best way for me is to always stand up straight, and sit not give to the ground and then recover slowly and do this as many times. This way, the first time it makes sachdomkamphuon_cheung and thigh enlargement may we strive to stand recovering too just go like this, and when it hip do not grow big. But just 2 months, calf and thigh also receded gradually and cover Kea also started from what I want." This according to her conditions.

"Finally, I also want to tell arrived ladies things that nothing is easy and see the effect immediately, but if you do not try to do it like exercise anyway is always ill-immolated and misery of some, but if you set goals that you desire nice design is, you need patience and endurance, persistence, you will get good results, maybe only 3 to 4 months. And the way nursing shaped belly and cover Kea, which I have shown above, this does not mean that I am a specialist on it, but just wanted to share best practices so that women can we in good shape, are all because every day I also tried to apply these and see the results should be favorable."

What about fans Jek Loy think?

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