Barcelona celebrated with street parades trophy after the Spanish La Liga championship

Spain: club with Barcelona newborn La Liga title this season, marched with the title on the streets happily and must receive a warm welcome from the fans more than 100,000 people. They flew from Granada city their own, and make supper again with members of their group. And 24 hours later, both supporters of both Barcelona players were all together into the streets to create a celebration of a mass with as bus paraded the trophy street lifted once in Sunday. It should be noted that after beating Granada 3-0 then Barcelona have organized celebrations and partying the streets again in the city of Ciudad Condal Saturday night. Banquets like this might be added because Barcelona are still the responsibility by the clash with Sevilla in Coast worker finals stages of the Spanish Cup. Also, Barcelona has won La Liga, 6 times in the last 8 years, which makes his team a strong team within the framework of Spanish football, and their success will continue as Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, is working to set up training to prepare in the tournament, the UEFA Champions League final round at 2 weeks before.

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