Australia not only hoist the fish! Forage fish will surprise you

Australia: This is a strange and stunned that a fisherman turned found snake lived a head in the mouth of a fish, which he Cranes returned. According to sources, said that Mr. Andy Warton, 44, a fisherman and lived Darwin was fishing around the islands Melville northern Sea of ​​Timor in late April, when things happen to this one. In it he said that he was shocked when he tried to pull the mouth of the fish from the bait, but he saw a snake curl up into its mouth. Meanwhile, he braces clamp snake came out very carefully. However, he said that he was fishing at age 6 years and have never experienced such a thing, except to meet this situation, he hurried rushed to take cell phones to shoot Archived immediately because it is a rare and valuable one. After he took them from another, snakes and fish, he also throws it into the water, too. Thunder say how fishing traditional baroque rarely seen back in Sri Lanka, the popular friendship might wonder. When it comes to fishing, you may immediately see the fish, which is most often used boat ride into the creek, river or sea, which they think rich fish. But the crane using boats were not popular, but in the north of Sri Lanka, due to traditional fishing of the locals is popular for fishing, sitting on a tree a straight initial rod seabed or river. Habit of fishing such are locals, some in Sri Lanka starting forgotten from one generation to another However, during the World War 2, many people remember not forget the flock using wood plugs at the seabed and fishing together this way because now dead, it is hard to find and less food consumption. Although the crane, it almost no longer be taken into use also true, but how to hoist a classic, it's not easy because you hoist must be able to maintain equilibrium on wood stuck in the fish that otherwise might be surprised or wooden plugs that may fall crane into the cool water.

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